With NZRMCA support the Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand (CCANZ) has developed a Skills Maintenance website to assist both industry and early career professionals.

The site has been designed so that once admitted, the learner can enrol in any course they wish and access the course material, but their course status will not register ‘complete’ until a grade of 9/10 in the quiz has been achieved. CCANZ expects this will be a key feature for lab managers to maintain their team’s skills.

A collection of 8 videos covering the basics of fresh and hardened concrete testing comprises the content of the site’s first course. This mirrors the CCANZ Concrete Technician’s Fresh and Hardened Concrete Testing day course (for the NZQA modules 26053 and 26063).

This was chosen for the launch for two reasons:

  1. The testing videos developed can be used in the day course itself to help teach the attendees.
  2. By using the site as a learning platform in isolation much of the practical benefit of the courses can be gained whenever and wherever the learner requires. This will be of immense value to labs that are not able to attend the annual CCANZ course.

The site is not a replacement for the in-person accreditation requirements to achieve the NZQA standards, but it is expected to be a complementary service for existing training programmes.

The testing videos can be accessed outside of the Skills Maintenance website on the CCANZ YouTube channel -

Additional courses for the Skills Maintenance website are currently under development by CCANZ.


The Skills Maintenance website can be accessed at However, to setup a User ID and Password contact CCANZ using the details below.

CCANZ is eager to gauge industry feedback in response to the website, and is looking to talk to organisations interested in utilising and contributing to the content.

Possible future courses for development include residential driveways (best practice), introduction to base isolation, principles of passive solar design, and concrete admixtures.

Contact CCANZ Education & Development Manager Dr Joe Gamman to discuss the options available – or 027 286 7121.

Taken from the December 2013 NZRMCA Newsletter