The NZRMCA has 44 companies controlling some 180 ready mixed concrete plants throughout New Zealand.

Quality control was the prime reason for the formation of the Association in 1963 to create a Plant Classification Scheme which at the time was a world leader.

An independent audit of plants is available to members and most Companies avail themselves of the system.  The audit system which is independent of the Association, is itself audited to ISO 9001 by BVQI.

Full details of the scheme are set up on an independent website:

In entering the 45th year, the activities while remaining with a strong technical interest in concrete production have diversified to include:

  • Promotion of concrete.
  • Training of staff in both the RMC industry as well as in the other concrete sectors. The NZRMCA were a founding financial member of the Cement and Concrete Training Board which is part of the BCITO.
  • Joint Conferences with bodies such as the New Zealand Concrete Society.
  • Support of the New Zealand Standards development in relation not only to concrete production but also design and construction.
  • Support of research in both structural and materials technology.
  • Publication of information considered to be of assistance to both customers and member.

Full Membership

The criteria for membership are that the owner of a plant can demonstrate that their mix designs and plant operation can produce concrete that confirms with the requirements of NZS 3104. Specification for Concrete - Production.

The existing membership list (see Membership Section) lists out all members and their plants.  It also shows which plants are operating a continuous Quality Control system which complies with NZS 3104.  Plants have the option of using the Audit Scheme set up by the NZRMCA or by using an independent registered engineer.  Both methods are acceptable to NZS 3104.

Those plants who do not have audit certification have to satisfy specifying agencies, building control authorities and other clients on an individual project basis as required, that concrete conforms to NZS 3104.

In accordance with the attached rules, a membership application form must be completed and submitted for approval by the NZRMCA Council before a new member will be accepted.

Generally this process is aided by the local knowledge provided by the Regional structure adopted by the Association.  In effect the NZRMCA operates in the format of a Federation with each Region having a representative on the NZRMCA Council.

To assist with the membership application (Full and Associate) process a flowchart has been developed - Membership Application Flowchart.

Membership Application Form

Associate Membership

Associate membership is available to people who are not directly involved in the production of ready mixed concrete such as the Cement Industry, Admixture Industry, etc.  Where a precast concrete production plant operates a "factory production" setup, special membership may be granted which facilitates the precast works concrete production being audited by the NZRMCA Audit Scheme.

To assist with the membership application (Full and Associate) process a flowchart has been developed - Membership Application Flowchart.

Associate Membership Application Form

NZRMCA Driver Training video

CCANZ Flexural Tensile Strength Test video

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